Suspiria ★★★★★

I am she.

Guadagnino's rebirthing of Suspiria is not only sumptuous on every optic level (the plane that, as much as I adore it, Argento's lives and dies on), but cerebrally too. There's an almost unfathomable amount to digest here—dance coalescing with guilt, trauma, shame and swirling into the divine matriarchy—one knows immediately upon exiting the theatre that they need to see what they just saw again (and again and again).

Dakota Johnson (who I've grown to adore as an actor ever since her [yes] thrilling movie star debut in Fifty Shades of Grey) gives her best performance yet, throttling the mythology of Susie Bannion down into the fires of hell and back again. The ever chameleonic Tilda Swinton outdoes herself, as well, delivering two characters exceedingly rich in depth (oftentimes in devastating wordlessness) and a third so garishly transformative, it's capable of shaking one's core.

Thom Yorke's lushly dissonant soundtrack backs Sayombhu Mukdeeprom's typically sensuous (this time, ultra-darkly) photography and Walter Fasano's insane, dually rhythmic/ethereal editing as the entire picture lives and breathes and sighs and cries in its complete absence of lightness. It's a true masterpiece.

Grade: A+ (100)

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