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  • mid90s



    Skate Kitchen is a better movie and i havent even seen Skate Kitchen.Β 

    I dont want to be mean but this movie could have been directed by any white dude...wait...Not any white dude. It could be directed by any rich white dude who has a bunch of real director friends that help him along and gets a good cinematographer and editor.Β 

    My cousin Michael Meiers (no relation to Michael Meyers) makes skate videos that were better than this movie. Β Which…

  • Roma



    As I told my cousin, there are a lot of layers to unpack from this movie. From real to reel, it is important to understand each complexity and nuanced criticism or opinion. The one I am most interested in is CuarΓ³n’s own perspective which becomes the audience’s perspective as we observe Cleo from a far. While Cleo is our protagonist, one of the few times a house maid is given this privilege of being reconginized as an individual (aside from…