Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

Just in case.

For whatever (deeply) strange reason, I had only seen (and worshipped!) the first Scream numerous times since childhood. While its sequel is nowhere near as glorious, once it catches its stride around the top of the second act, it sails by delightfully, all leading to a truly sensational finale—plus I (😌) proudly called the killer way before the ending (though my boyfriend successfully/adorably duped me into thinking I hadn't), which is always a proud moment for me when watching slashers for the first time. Campbell, Cox, and (!) Metcalf deliver particularly sensational work, but I can't help but desperately wish they had kept SMG, Elise Neal, and Jamie Kennedy (🥺) on for the rest of the series (or at least one more movie). Very much looking forward to catching up on the third and fourth installments with Cameron before what clearly should be titled 5cream is released in January.

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