Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

You look pretty too.

Being that America is the literal last thing I want to celebrate at the moment, Lex and I escaped the oppressively humid Fourth of July madness and caught an afternoon screening of Far from Home (felt nice to sneak away to the cinema on a weekday like I used to be able to as a child, so I guess that’s worth celebrating?). It was, to my delight, exactly what I wanted it to be: a sweet box of Marvel-meets-The Lizzie McGuire Movie flavoured popcorn.

Starring *the* best on-screen Spider-Man ever (if you disagree, change your mind), the future queen of the universe (#StreamHeavenLostAnAngel), and Jake Gyllenhaal, gleefully oscillating between his innate, irl warmth and Nightcrawler-tinged madness (*chef’s kiss*), it gives you exactly what you come craving—though it admittedly doesn’t reinvent the wheel either. But hey! Sometimes all you need is (<3) Tom Holland (<3) anchoring a blockbuster with tangibly adorable effortlessness, Zendaya doing what she does best (i.e. everything), and a handful truly killer setpieces (the hologram illusion sequences were to die for) to make a mega hot day feel a little bit more palatable.

Also: ending with The Go-Go’s blasting was almost too perfect, and that mid-credits scene set up the next film impeccably. Might have to watch Homecoming tonight, just to stay in the world awhile longer.

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