Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

i love that i’ve woken up the next morning with such warm, fuzzy memories. but... it leaves a little more to be desired for me. i think about carol — another period gay romance repressed and fulfilled — and how i spent most of that movie on the verge of tears from this constant swelling of desires and quiet, tender touches in between. i wanted to fall just as much as in love with CMBYN. at times though i felt that luca left the medium (gorgeous 35mm film) to do a lot of the emotional heavy lifting, bringing that fuzziness to moments sometimes even more manipulated for feelings with a sufjan stevens soundtrack (it meanders a little much in the middle imo). that’s just minor criticism. i still think it’s a really beautiful movie and thank god for the leads... timothee chalamet especially really makes elio and his adolescent curiosities come to life. he does the emotional heavy lifting at the end and if that last scene doesn’t destroy you just a little bit, then...

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