Annette ★★★★

Annette is one of the most insane movies I’ve seen. On a technical level I have no complaints. The cinematography is gorgeous, the music slaps, and the production design is out of this world. All the performances are great, but this is really the Adam Driver show. He eats up every scene he’s in. The choices he’s making as an actor are quite bold but they all worked for this vision of the film. 

When it comes to the story I never knew what would happen next. I was constantly left wondering where the story would go from here. This is where the movie falls into some issues with its pacing. Don’t get me wrong I was never bored, but quite a few times I thought the movie was ending and we weren’t even close. Again I was never bored because so much is going on, but I did feel the length. 

The movie takes so many turns that I need a rewatch to really sink my teeth into it.

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