After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

And that's number 1000. Never thought I'd got there this year, but staying home because of corona bought me a lot of time. You know what summarizes this film? The way Dick Miller grabs a kiss from Rosanna Arquette in the air. It's odd, it's strange, it's filled with a type of passion, which is After Hours.

Scorsese made this film when he was experiencing financial difficulties, yet was able to make a strong black comedy that helped him. After Hours is about office worker Paul (Dunne), who rolls from one bizarre adventure into another on the way to his date with a beautiful blonde (Arquette): his last money flies out of a taxi window, he just has not enough change for the underground , his date kills himself, being mistaken for a burglar and chased by a vigilante feminist in an ice cream cart - and that's just the beginning. Scorsese lets Paul meet a remarkable procession of New Yorkers, with the disturbingly steaming city in the background, and was awarded the director's price in Cannes for this film.

That scene with the toll-booth operator, that's classic Kafka. Only Scorsese could get it.

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