Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a scintillating, labyrinthine murder mystery in the spirit of Agatha Christie, always welcome in the darkest days of the year. As a rule, Agatha Christie plots revolve around a murder within an elite family or entourage settled in a lavish, closed location: mansion, train, cruise boat. In this case, that is the Greek island where tech billionaire Miles Bron (Norton) has built a modernist monstrosity of concrete and glass as a 1970s James Bond villain, the Glass Onion. The Mona Lisa that hangs there on a rental basis completes the megalomaniac picture. Every year he invites old friends, this time for a murder mystery. As in Knives Out, the group of potential perpetrators consists of rather grotesque figures. Bron's friends turn out to be shady or spoiled creeps: a scientist, socialite, macho influencer and a swindler. Everyone needs Source and holds a grudge. Those who know their Agatha Christie stories already know enough. It produces farcical humor, but thanks to the sharp, satirical script and well-dosed acting, it never gets too bland. Even if the complex plot sometimes goes a bit off track, it hardly gets in the way of the viewing pleasure.

I really enjoyed this film and will definitely watch it again the next couple of days. It's a great pity that Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has not been shown in Dutch cinemas, because this is exactly the kind of film that you want to see on the big screen. Lovely, all those little cameos - among which one bittersweet cameo, it's only right this cameo is in this film.

This year's best Agatha Christie movie comes from Rian Johnson.

This is my last review on Letterboxd for 2022. Have a great Christmas - and, for those in the US: be safe. I wish you all the best in good health for 2023. See you then.

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