Magnolia ★★★

Re-watched Magnolia again, as the first time I liked it but didn't really love it at much as everyone else seemed to love this film. Basically, Magnolia is about various Characters who are looking for love, redemption, fighting illness or are close to death, thru a series intertwined stories. There's a little more to it than that; but it has an all-star cast which includes, Tom Cruise, William H. Macy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, and John C. Reilly to name a few. The film is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who has always been sort of hit or miss for my taste.

I think upon re-watching this film for the first time in over a decade, my feelings are about the same. Some stories and characters are more interesting than others, ( with Tom Cruise and John C Reily's characters/stories being my favorite) and I felt the film could have been trimmed down a bit also. There enough there that I can recommend this film, but with a running time of 3 hours and 8 minutes, I honestly don't see myself watching this again anytime soon.