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By night I scrub floors at Walmart. By day I watch an unhealthy number of movies.

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  • Jaws
  • Back to the Future
  • Little Women
  • Speed Racer

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  • Far Cry


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  • Logan's Run

    Logan's Run


    Honestly, a pleasure based society where you die at 30 seems pretty perfect.

  • Let's Be Cops

    Let's Be Cops


    I'm just so sad.

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  • Snapshot of Love

    Snapshot of Love


    I love when these smaller movies do a story about a "famous movie star." 2 of the movies the lead guy is referenced in starring in were also written by Elizabeth Snoderly, the writer/director of this movie. (Funnily enough they both starred Lexi Giovagnoli making me kinda wish they'd flipped roles & made the guy the paparazzi.)

  • A Merry Single Christmas

    A Merry Single Christmas


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Absolutely should have been about David & Nola instead. Also, would have preferred an epilogue scene with Harry & Juliet.

    Give me a sequel that's just the 3 happy couples back together next Christmas hanging out at the b&b cause they're friends. (To fit the budding romance requirement, maybe they're match making a 4th couple.)

Popular reviews

  • Another Night of the Living Dead

    Another Night of the Living Dead


    Half of this is the original Night Of The Living Dead with added sound effects for "comedic" effect. Most of the time, it's a fart sound. If you thought Night Of The Living Dead didn't have enough farts, this movie might be for you. 
    The other half is a horrible nerd character who is either in completely new scenes or digitally inserted in old Night Of The Living Dead footage. He's annoying & awful. His catchphrase: "Suck my balls." So fucking…

  • Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Adventure Awaits

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Adventure Awaits


    Shoutout to the guy who said, “It’s not a merchandise shop, it’s a merchandise experience.”