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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    Might eventually get round to writing a defence on my blog but I'm tired so here are more thoughts after a much-anticipated big-screen viewing:
    -yup, still love it. I feel like this movie like this guy feels about gatherings in Clerks, in that as much as I love the film, I hate a lot of other people who love it. To clarify, Under the Silver Lake got very mixed reviews and I see why, many of the criticisms I would…

  • Bacurau



    130 minutes of people speaking Portuguese has me sold anyway - it just so happens that it's a great film too (big screen this time as well! Looks great)
    - Udo Kier and Sonia Braga FINALLY having a scene together made my day
    - Spandau Ballet needle-drop was absolutely immense (American music lol)
    - Naked couples with antique shotguns should be in more films.

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  • Rashomon



    we tell ourselves stories in order to live

  • Parasite



    I need to preface my review by saying that if aliens came down to Earth and asked for each year to be represented by a film, I would not disagree with 2020's pick being Parasite (UK release, don't @ me). However, looking at the film again, I still can't help feeling rather agnostic. A bit like that other recent Oscar winner The Shape of Water, I admire the technical craft of the film enormously, but will never be able to…