Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★


Richard Linklater managed to make a trilogy of movies where all three of the movies are equally as good, and it’s honestly impossible for me to rank these. That’s not me saying that these three movies are the same, because Before Midnight is probably the most unique movie in the trilogy. The starry-eyed hopefulness for the future present in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset is replaced with a cold and realistic view of the world, and that works alongside the idea that Jesse and Céline have been married for years now. 

Rather than being one long conversation like the other two movies in the trilogy, Before Midnight features multiple different conversations throughout the day that the movie takes place, and the most uncomfortable, heart wrenching conversation is easily the fight between Jesse and Céline. I felt as if I’ve gotten to know these two as if they were real people, so watching them fight really made me sad. Like I said earlier in the review, I think that all three of these movies are equally amazing, and that results in one of the most consistent trilogies in all of cinema.

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