The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★

I really enjoyed Kieślowski’s Three Colors trilogy when I watched it in the summer, so I went into The Double Life of Véronique with positive expectations. While it does have the same great direction that was present in the Three Colors trilogy, I unfortunately didn’t find The Double Life of Véronique nearly as engaging as the Three Colors trilogy, which is a shame, because the premise is really interesting. I’m not exactly sure what it was about The Double Life of Véronique that made it particularly difficult to connect to, but I think it might be because of the title character herself. The protagonists in the Three Colors trilogy are all interesting on their own, and they are also made more interesting by the events that happen to them, but only the latter comment could be applied to Véronique, in my opinion.

I really, really wish that I saw the same perfect movie that so many other Letterboxd users saw, but while it is has great direction and performances, as well as some great scenes, The Double Life of Véronique failed to fully invest me in the same way that Kieślowski’s other movies did, but I have a feeling that I’d need to rewatch this movie in order to fully appreciate it.

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