The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★


Joachim Trier is a name that I've heard floating around Letterboxd for a while, but I never really got around to seeing any of his work. I'd be reminded that his movie Thelma is available for me to watch whenever I go on Hulu, but I always ended up watching something else. Despite my unfamiliarity with Trier's work, I was still pretty excited to see The Worst Person in the World after seeing so many people say a lot of great things about it, even if I knew it had no chance of being shown in Bahraini theaters. This movie does a lot right, but far and away the best aspect of it is Renate Reinsve's incredible performance as Julie. Not only did she brilliantly capture her character's senses of aimlessness and longing, but she managed to make Julie's four year arc feel organic despite the constant amount of changes she makes throughout that time.

I feel that The Worst Person in the World is worth watching for Reinsve's performance alone, but that doesn't mean that the film's other aspects were under par. The realistic dialogue gives the film a great sense of authenticity, and so does the intimate camerawork and editing. I initially thought that the film had the look of an Instagram post, but I quickly realized that this was done intentionally to ground us in these people's social-media-consumed lives. Because I'm way younger than Julie, I can't really say that I related to a lot of her struggles with finding herself, but I found it compelling nonetheless. I'm glad that The Worst Person in the World turned out to be a great film, because I'm now a lot more motivated to check out Joachim Trier's other movies, like Oslo, August 31st and the aforementioned Thelma.

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