Three Colors: Red ★★★★½


I think that the most obvious thing about Three Colors: Red is that it’s definitely the best looking movie in the trilogy. It utilizes its titular color better than the other movies in the trilogy, and the shots are similar to the ones in Three Colors: Blue in that most of the shots mean something. I’d consider it up there with In the Mood for Love as one of the best movies to utilize the color red so well. 

Aside from the cinematography, I think that Three Colors: Red is the best movie in the Three Colors trilogy. It took what worked best with each of the previous two movies and combined them in a sense. By that, I mean that Three Colors: Red took the complexity and emotional drive of Three Colors: Blue and combined it with the compelling straightforwardness of Three Colors: White. The relationship between Valentine and Joseph was a lot more fleshed out than the other relationships portrayed throughout the trilogy, and I think that’s because the relationship wasn’t romantic. 

There’s only one major complaint that I have with Three Colors: Red, and it’s that Auguste’s presence in the movie slowed the movie down at times. While I do understand that the movie was trying to make his life intertwined with Valentine’s life, I still felt that the movie wouldn’t be negatively affected if he was cut out entirely. That still doesn’t take away from how great of a movie Three Colors: Red is, though. 

Is it just me, or does Valentine look like a dark brown eyed version of Alexandra Daddario?

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