Us ★★½


As someone who liked Get Out a lot, I was expecting Us to have that same unique blend of horror and comedy that Jordan Peele struck in his first movie, but unfortunately, it didn’t really do that. Us generally felt like a series of pulled punches, as it had a lot of great ideas and concepts going on, but their execution left a lot to be desired. What especially didn’t work for me was the film’s comedy. Get Out struck the balance between horror and comedy because it knew when to be funny and when to be serious, but in Us, not only was the comedy generally not that funny, but it also ruined a lot of the more suspenseful scenes in the movie.

Although I am generally disappointed by Us, one thing that I can say I was fully impressed with was Lupita Nyong’o’s fantastic leading performance. She acted her heart out in this movie, and I think I would have straight up disliked the movie as a whole if she wasn’t as good as she was. Other than her performance and some concepts that didn’t live up to their potential, though, Us was an underwhelming and disappointing follow up to Get Out.

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