I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★½

I, Tonya is the controversial dramatization of figure skater Tonya Harding’s early life, career, and eventual scandal told through faux interview footage and a narrative based on interviews and facts known about her case.

Going into this, I knew of her story a little bit but nothing concrete. For instance, I knew the suspicion about whether Tanya or her at the time husband was involved, but I didn’t know about the subsequent action taken or various characters like the bodyguard. At the very end, the film shows real interview footage from Tonya, her husband, her mother, and the bodyguard, and it really puts into perspective the reality of all of these characters.

Margot Robbie did a phenomenal job all throughout in not only showing how rough around the edges Tonya was, but also keeping the skepticism alive while maintaining a lovable character. Sebastian Stan and Allison Janey were amazing in their performances as well, they added dynamics to Tonya that kept the story interesting. All of the figure skating sequences were very nicely done, and the movie included some real footage of her skating scenes at the end for comparison. I also thought the child actor portraying a very young Tonya was quite believable, she did wonderful as well.

The story gets a little stop and start as the movie progresses, but there are moments of heart that keep you interested as it chugs along. Overall, I Tonya is a wonderful portrayal of a unique, controversial figure in American sports history, and I think it is well worth a watch to understand the story and how it transpired according to various characters.