Beautiful Boy ★★★

Sigur Ros, Nirvana, then John Lennon, Zola Jesus to the boy, Timmy Tim, convulsing on the filthy bathroom floor as Gorecki’s Symphony No.3 continues. Innocent past and lifeless present jumbled with fast cuts. Wrenching memories are slit open. Happiness is quickly found in the sprinklers, radiating sun yet when the wind comes it swoops everyone away. Aplenty of tears, heartaches and comfort, the father & son’s relationship is tenderly rendered but it is the cyclical threadbare narrative that leaves us powerless, together sigh in desperation and despondency. As odd as the music choices are, the sign of a beating heart is heard from within the black void. It’s messily built but the actors have given their everything into the project hence don’t you ever doubt the performances, doubt the structure.