Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

“I fucked up my whole life because of the way you sing.”

W H O O S H, that flight is long gone. Lovely first kiss from Sunrise still lingers on soft lips while Céline’s grooving to Nina Simone in Sunset haunts the mind. Midnight comes in a bit cold but not without any scorching passions. A happy ever after? It is a bit more complex than that. Being more life, more human and more adult with no more romantic illusions. A deep, insightful look at what a real relationship looks like. Marriage’s accompanied by inevitable complications with mounting obstacles; Jesse and Céline are now mid-forties, trying to wrestle down their bigger struggles of parenthood, household, career and personal frustrations. It’s a hard-hitting romance that’s wholeheartedly committing itself to the flaws and shortcomings of love, and with much fervent tenderly achieves perfection.

If you want love, then this is it. This is real life. It's not perfect but it's real.

The casual dialogue still feels searingly authentic, combines with the lengthy stroll through the archaic Greek lovescape to shoot up a heartfelt endearment under the mellow Mediterranean sun. Midnight does not sugar-coat the act of love, but portrays it in an earnest, sincerest way through marital Warfare. Love, again, shows itself amidst the ferocious bickering as tightly coiled emotions start erupting out of the volcano. Tensions escalate through inner feelings that are so strongly suppressed until a deafening blow of a climax cracks a loud bang, so forceful everything feels suffocated. Just two people fighting, arguing, and rambling over life predicaments, as honest thoughts and hidden doubts are all rapidly burst out. Less of poetic device indicating extra raw power. An amour that is bogged down by circumstances, raggedly worn by time and frayed by age. Disappointments arise, stacked up like unread letters as youthful days have vanished into smoke. Nonetheless in the end, there’s enough hope, a time machine waiting, a benign momentum that keeps on nudging the two to stroll along the magical path of long lost romanticism.  


The Peloponnese has never looked so beautiful before, at midnight...I guess it’s now time to finally say - 
Au revoir

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