Burning ★★★★★

How to Disappear Completely (and never be found)
버닝 has not left my mind ever since...It just sleeps there and seethes until my skull becomes split open as the ashes are dispersed across the sea. Every morning I run past the barns, but no barn has burned down and I’ve heard nothing about any barn burning. Is it a mere excuse for some sinister exercise or a vengeful rage? Did she really walk through walls, floating endlessly, learning to evaporate in thin air like that joint smoke they shared? Unsolvable riddles make us examine if there were any mysteries at all. Everything I want from a Murakami work is here to embrace: from cat obsession to atmospheric detachment of his protagonist; jazz music under the evening glow; lustful desire’s inflamed to the verge of being possessed to an elusive semi-silhouette sway and a naked disappearance after twilight. Intangible, illusory, a great hunger upsurges in violence at a poet’s pace just to show inexpressible things that haunt. You come to Burning for the experience of letting its anger linger without answers. A feeling close to a ponderous walk in the woods with your headphones on, playing Radiohead’s Kid A and constantly question the enigma of their lyrics. Is the well a figment of my overheated imagination? I keep hearing that rumbling noise from somewhere as a deep hum in my brain sharply sends tingles to every fiber of my being that not even Ichiko Aoba's mellifluous melodies can subdue.

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