Burning ★★★★★


I know I shouldn’t have let 3 hours of my life go by like that, seeing this again for the “God knows what” time instead of delving deeper into classic cinema but then again, I don’t have enough grasp on the human language to elucidate my love for the sunset dance of Great Hunger. How I look at it with a tingle of transient bitterness, how my obsession and wide eyed gaze make me no different than Jong-su. How I feel for these people here, whom all in dire need to float somewhere else like balloons with tattered strings. When the air itself is plagued by exhaustion, and the fog so thick it is virtually impossible to trace back the ghosts they have left wandered behind. I picture Hae-mi being trapped inside a dried-up well, as she patiently waits for her turn to be eaten away by hunger before fizzling out in total darkness. Lee's eloquent fluidity provides me the cool shades of melancholy as well as inchoate anger. I just need to close my eyes for some time or else I’ll be burned out thinking about this…Again. And Ben? Gosh I love him, bearing the fact that he's every bit as empty as "that" waterless well.

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