Carol ★★★★½

*Romantic stroll continued*

Something about Carol just got me. Especially when the snowflakes began to fall down the earth, it made me feel slightly removed from reality, also mainly because of Carter Burwell’s exquisite melodies as well. And then suddenly a passage that I’d read from Murakami came back with absolute clarity, that Carol and Therese were wonderful traveling companions but in the end, they were no more than lonely lumps of beings moving across the galaxy.

The world never once welcomed people like them, it exercised a force that pushed them away from one other, as Carol had precisely put it, “flung out of space," and they just drifted in their own separate orbits. From far off, they looked like shooting stars, but in reality, they were nothing more than prisons, where each of them was locked up alone, with nowhere to go. When the orbits of these two celestial bodies happened to cross path, they could be together, enjoying each other’s company and be able to open up their hearts. However, that’s only for the briefest moment, in the next instant, they would drench in the bone-chilling achiness of solitude, until they feel as if their bodies were going to evaporate and become nothing. The sense of detachment and longing in Carol was almost too brutal to bear, nevertheless, it was done with enough care and sensitivity, Todd Haynes gave us enough hope to fulfill our dreams, for the star-crossed lovers to be together in that final passionate if not, caressing glance.

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