Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★★

"Every living creature on this earth dies alone."

Another second, another minute, another day and another year...Poof, gone. For my 21st birthday, I knew I had to allow myself completely wrap up in a conundrum and gravitate in the direction of a tangent universe that is flickered with something called “Sparkle Motion”. I found myself creeping beneath the shades of blue when Donnie said, “I don’t want to die alone,” with his quivering lips while he cast his gaze at somewhere far beyond from what the human eyes could see.

When the aura of anxiety is too heavy to bear; when extreme delirium’s about to make the head burst, the rabbit voice comes and serves as solace - that voice subsequently echoes toward the dimly lit territory of the self and tiny crevices of the subconscious. It then tells you that you can do it, you can save the world from tumbling down and transform it into something less fragile. The morbid suburban life here is uniquely portrayed as Richard Kelly has produced a cold hallucinatory vision that, at first glance, seems dourly pessimistic but paradoxically, due to the very gloom-ridden atmosphere and cynical viewpoint, an optimistic outlook on love, life and everything around it is able to be recreated. This is the multi-flavored cornetto that helps me through hard times. It helps me stay sane instead of going mad, laugh instead of cry as well as be grateful for everything that Donnie did to save the world or in other words, save me.

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