Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ★★★★★

Bedsheets untucked, the curtains pulled as colors, scents and memories faded away before a person knew it. Even the inexpressible emotions he/she had once cherished drew back, retreating to some undiscovered province of forgotten territory, while his or her memories shaped-shifted with each shift they gradually became indistinct in color, vaguer than ever. Each layer was now unmistakably a layer built upon a layer of a shadow of a bigger shadow. What remained tangible and perceptible was the sense of profound absence, although not one trace of dust was left behind. Eternal Sunshine has that capability to empty out your emotions then pour them back in again. Each time you see it, you discover something new, like peeling out parts and pieces of your subconsciousness to recollect what had been eradicated. Whether it is Montauk or not, you are meant to meet someone somewhere very special. It all meant "wake up and let's go."