First Reformed

First Reformed ★★★★½

A ruminative stare into the abyss ahead. Leaning on the everlasting arms for an eternal embrace. Whisper of the religious lies “Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Why have you forsaken me? The sacred words are interrupted, followed by a damning moral revulsion of such unnatural desire; torment and profane confusion so strong they drill a hole in the soul - pent up rage of abominable thoughts. Resonating drones, bizarre green screen levitation while the wind blows for both hope and despair, for soft heart of stone. A vague shadow is left to be seen with a gleam of sunshine. "God is the greatest," a bleach filled glass on the table and barbwire to be worn, this desolate spiritual realm continues to grow wider as Ethan Hawke's willing to go off for our sins. Therefore an Oscar nom might not be enough. He needs a hug. One big hug.

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