Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

I like things that look like mistakes.

Probably the best coming of age film for grown-ups who are moving from their 20s to 30s and what a treat of late-night reflection it is to realize that "we're not young anymore". Wrapped in the guileless black-and-white melancholy, I deliberately latched onto Frances’s transient wide-eyed contemplation. How can you not see yourself in Frances’s exquisite spontaneity whenever she tries to spin her narrative in the right trajectory, whether it is her gestural or verbal interaction? Even when these interactions become cringey, they are squirm-inducing because they are true, because when you have just reached twenty, you’re not even a real person yet. This is a youthful tale that sporadically drifts its way here and there as if being carried upstream with almost no resolution or sense of direction. Watching her dance through the crowded street made my body lighter than ever. She is 100% real; she could be you; she could be your girlfriend or a girl you knew; she could be your sister. She’s just Frances Ha; the undateable, but totally loveable Frances as they used to call her.

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