Hereditary ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Sorry not sorry but showing this to people, let their eyes burn and hearing them shriek, at the top of their lungs, at Charlie’s severed head might just be my favorite pastime yet. The war has sparked and we have to call out Paimon since his servant Annie (Toni Colette) was denied of her well-deserved prize. She banged on the ceiling door till her skull came loose. She cried when she conjured the maddening flames. She looked in her son's eyes when she bestowed her head - What a great mother she was - Hail Paimon for her sacrifice not be futile and see if this is the price we have to pay. Will we have to laugh our heads off at the sight of Bohemian & Green Book as they get cemented as the year’s best picture(s)?

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