Lady Bird ★★★★

" That's hella tight." Kyle Scheible with his wack book just for show,

Funny, Poignant and super cliché ... Yet I can't help but falling in love with this movie. Greta Gerwig slayed!!!! Saoirse Ronan is so great... great is actually an understatement to describe her acting as a rebellious 17 year old girl from Sacramento. Also my boi Chalamet killed me with his hipster life.

"I'm trying to, as much as possible, not participate in our economy. I don't like money."

"I haven't lied in two years."

Although the movie is filled with many hilarious moments, it never loses its emotional core. The relationship between Lady Bird and her mother will make you cry. Every single character is memorable and they all remind us of someone we used to know... and love. Being an adolescent is tough and all we wanted to do was to escape - fly away from our idyllic little nest to look out for an exciting new life. Yet little did we know about the love that we had for our home. Like Christine, we denied it, saying that we merely paid attention but aren't love and attention the same thing?

Christine’s words at the end is deeply sincere. Throughout the nostalgia of the past and the stammering of “Thank You”,  It seems like we can’t thank our parents enough for who we have become today. They have shaped us so that we can fly.

Lady Bird has deeply touched my heart.

Also That moment where Lady Bird hugs and finally accepts Danny is just...
I choked.

I’m wondering what Kyle is doing now.

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