Moonlight ★★★★½

Water turns into drops and flow out into the ocean. Hands encased in sand with your fingers buried underneath while the night breeze carries something sweet. You get the blues just by looking at the sea crests sparkle under moonlight. Big night sky, untamed wild beauty of the waves juxtaposes with a loving intensity that bubbles up inside. The soft gaze of the moon is endearing without judgments. Do you hear Hello Stranger playing from the jukebox? Blink your eyes and get back to reality to see how everything has changed so drastically. True love, fleeting seconds and lonesome memories are encapsulated, kept within a box of sand. My mom walked in during the beach’s scene and suddenly we found ourselves standing in front of the TV, lost for words as if being held by the moon’s grip. It's odd how life moves on but my mind still wanders back to this intangible seashore.

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