Parasite ★★★★★

"Do you know what kind of plan never fails?"
"No plan, no plan at all"

This blunt explanation tells you so much about people like the Kims as Ki-taek’s answer in some way helps to cast a light upon his family's impecunious shadow. His “no plan” reasoning could also be seen as a reductive, shallow or even shortsighted way of looking at life. "No plan" denotes the idea of leading a life without goals, to be adrift and to live only for today without thinking of tomorrow. Nonetheless, Ki-taek’s candid response to his own question enables the audience to slip inside the mind of the impoverished working class to understand how tough it is for them to live through a day, let alone having a thing called "future". It cannot be helped that they don’t have a broader view of looking at the world, in view of the fact that life has never given them the chance to realize what they can one day be or to look up at the tiny glimpse of light shining above their cavern.

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