Perfect Blue ★★★★½

Where is my mind ?
Is this a movie?
Is this real?

A disturbing nosedive into a never-ending phantasmic nightmare is how you describe this movie. The barrier between fantasy and reality is crudely bent and distorted in a way that will leave you continuously questioning your bemusing existence... The great Satoshi Kon nudges us into a dreadful place full of false perception and obscene voyeurism as a cost of stardom. Perfect Blue is another startling look at the sacrifice one has to make for a performance - Its pressure has lead our protagonist into a downward spiral of psychological damnation. It's the bitter examination of vanity and unrelenting obsessions that still strongly resonate with us in terms of our pop-culture civilization.

Am I Me ?

One will be left nonplussed and that's for sure. The strong theme of unreliable perception is there, blurring our eyes with the crave for fame and frenzy fandom. The realm of reality is as fragile as gossamer and the film brushes it aside like cobwebs. The insurmountable creepy, psycho-tension and squirmy gore-fest height Perfect Blue toward a brain melting climax. "What is the true identity ?" Ask yourself that question because your true self is forever lost in the spotlight.

Now let me find a way out of this nasty dream.

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