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This review may contain spoilers.

The smell of Sulphur and tannis root winding in the air, the empty room becomes smoldering hot, the busybody neighbors coming in and out with their empty smiles and smelly good-luck charms, and the spine tingles incessantly as though there is a bug crawling up and down. The horror is what you cannot see, built upon paranoia and crumbling mental state because the devil was never shown, he was never there, making one doubt their sanity as if they had gone mad. The slow-burn is potent because of the total control its creator - the devil himself - had seized upon (Burn in hell, Roman!). Peel back the hysteric witchy artifice, what you see here is a touching tale of maternal love that overrides all atrocities done to her – a mother who is willing to go to the extremes to accept her baby, albeit a satanic newborn with misshapen eyes, as she obligingly rocks it with a lullaby.

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