Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½


Eye-caressing anaesthesia, auditory tactile synesthesia. A heart warmer, a hope builder, an unalloyed hallucinogenic injection for the psyche. Noir in black and white, thin-limbed/ hoodie wearing Miles hovering in his Air Jordan, thick top thin bottom Kingpin, big belly Pete, wide-eyed Peni, Looney Ham and drum beating Spider Woman. Every person has their own color, and no one is ever colorless. Into the Spider Verse is a breathtaking achievement in multi-dimensional artform. I must stress again, it does not matter who wears the mask, anyone can be a hero so dream on with your cape flapping and head held high. I remember how the old man Cage, nihilistic Spider Noir wants to let the match burn to the tip just to feel something, anything or how Miles finally comes to peace with himself, hence stepping up to become our new favorite hero. Comic sound effects twanging my eardrums, electronic visual flowing in my thin blue veins. Light-headed thrills, so exhilarating, so blissfully high I feel like time has stood still as my eyes are left rolling intensely in a matrix-like trance.