Sunset Boulevard ★★★★

Days and months are covered by mosses plants, characters growing, clinging to the images of fame and obsessively attached to the spotlight even if it had all taken place in the ill-defined illusion. When it is no longer a fantasy as soon as the tragic reality takes over, Norma Desmond would go on the path of self-destructing by insensibly reflecting upon the vanity of her glory days. Succumbing to the delusion of Hollywood’s creations, she must have contemplated whether there was a way out; not knowing the way out was directly through the chasm of insanity. She’s not evil, she’s a star, in fact, an irreplaceable one. Whatever it is, this is a dream no one wants to wake up, every step Gloria Swanson’s character takes, the lights still focus on her, her eyes fondly dissolving into the cameras with a quaint smile, like a classic silent picture that never fades. It’s something quite frightening to think about, how one can easily lose themselves to the past, to the forgotten ages without any slightest thoughts on the darkness that awaits. Life then becomes lost in the dust of nothingness.

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