The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

Our youth is leaving us, straying further and further away from our grasp in imperceptible and minute ways, so subtly that some of us may not even notice how much we've lost. We are scared of changes because we don't know how to change. So we fumble helplessly in the dark, looking for direction for personal growth. Relationships, future, family, choices, love, regrets, and heartaches are too much, but they are unavoidable. We see people walk in and out of our lives almost every day. We make some of them happy and will be remembered by them until they die. But to others, we are a bleak memory. We are beautiful, but we are flawed. We try to be kind but sometimes we end up choosing ourselves over kindness. But it's okay. Why waste time lamenting when time is of the essence? All we can do is try our best, find happiness our own way, and live our life the way we know it. This movie just gets it!

"You're a damn good person."

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