Us ★★★½

It’s 11 p.m. and I’m home alone or am I really? There’s a mirror opposite to the bed where I am sitting on, that I can't help but look at and become strangely gripped by my own reflection instead of trying to divert my attention to someplace else. So is it just me, in the mirror...How scary can it be? Look at yourself for too long, you plummet down the rabbit hole. Golden scissors, brown gloves, scarlet tint, feral emotions pent up to echo a loud yet unclear voice; we are the same but also not the same. The devilish grins of the unknown and the comic relief of Jordan Peele aptly mesh with many bloodcurdling screams as well as chaos hypnotically erupts to the ballet dance move like poetry in motion. Who is the evil one now when you are basically pointing finger at yourself? Whatever it is, that thing won’t let go until its voice is heard. You are your worst enemy and I don’t think I am alone for the night, violently untethered.

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