Velvet Buzzsaw ★★

*Annie’s voice from Hereditary*: “What a waste.”

An art-satire, in Final Destination-lite style, that has no authentic ferocity, acerbic bites nor any unnerving sensation as it only lands flat on a blank canvas smearing and senselessly dripping with blood. Ludicrous, it seems given the conception of “art kills”, but Dan Gilroy was not willing to go further to level up the batshitness, while honing his ideas into one full-fledged portrait, until it burst colors which in turns could’ve made his artwork more thematically substantial and aesthetically mesmeric. Instead of being like those bewitching paintings, Velvet Buzzsaw feels low-key ineffectual and almost hollowed out in its interior. There is so much potential for this mythic delineation to ensorcell with many great snappy banters, Jake’s uncanny hairdo, Toni’s bleached bob and a few campy splattery sequences, but eventually they cannot help the movie escape its prescient warning, which is death/a total buzzkill.

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