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  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand

    I Wanna Hold Your Hand


    I first heard Yellow Submarine in second grade and I’ve been a devotee ever since. Paul and Ringo were my favorites as a kid, but I’m a full fledged John stan now, I mean he’s the most influential songwriter of the 20th century, what’s not to love?
    This is a glorious slapstick satire with a lot of heart to go with its wild teen rebellion. There’s some American Graffiti vibes for sure, which is my kind of movie to begin…

  • Touch of Evil

    Touch of Evil


    This is one of the most daring and experimental American studio films I’ve seen. I say this because it came out in 1958. It’s so atmospheric and it’s editing is so wild and it’s low angle shots in an extremely tense room of people seem like a father to Do the Right Thing. The overlapping dialogue was really cool to see too.
    It’s super unfortunate that gun lover Charlton Heston went brown face but he gives an exceptional performance here…

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  • Blood Simple

    Blood Simple


    Coen Brothers Ranked

    I always liked but never loved the Coen brothers. They have this weird way of talking down to their audience and I just get so much more out of their dramas than comedies. Films like The Big Lebowski and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and even No Country for Old Men which is a drama irritate the fuck out of me. Stop telling me that Anton Chigurh is a badass, give me a real direction in the story here.…

  • Wendy and Lucy

    Wendy and Lucy


    Watched on Tubi. The ads are annoying but you know what so is quarantine.

    Modern day Bicycle Thieves? I know, I need to quit it with the film comparisons but they’re just so fun. This is the first Kelly Reichardt film I’ve seen and I just love how this film looked. The resolution and overall lightning and framing was a delight. 
    Michelle Williams is one of my absolute favorites. She’s haunting in Shutter Island and Manchester by the Sea, and…