Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★

The film it reminds me most of is Synecdoche, New York, albeit more nuanced and less depressing. This was my introduction to everyone involved, similar to 2019’s Parasite, and it was easy to dive into this new world because it was just that; simply talented filmmakers that could create a film deserving of the Best Picture Oscar (if I had a ballot, my top 3 in no order would be this, Licorice Pizza, and C’mon C’mon. Oh wait). Another film that Drive My Car reminds me of is Kogonada’s Columbus, both films a meditative look into the middle aged man, younger woman dynamic.

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi‘s film focuses more on how trauma informs upon the characters’ decisions and even career choices, whether it be driving people or directing a play, thus making it a painfully melancholic sit through at times. Bergman and Cassavetes’ influences are felt here, if not for their theater backgrounds alone and how they let scenes breathe. Wish they had gotten the rights to The Beatles’ 1965 rock ‘n roll banger in which the film is named after, but it always costs like $250 million to add that band’s songs to films for some reason (if Fincher can end his masterpiece with “Baby You’re a Rich Man,” so can Hamaguchi).

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