Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★½

I’ve been behind on Taika. I loved Jojo Rabbit and thought Thor: Ragnarok was decent. Boy and What We Do in the Shadows is what I’m missing out on, stay tuned for those reviews. 
I’d say this cute little film is in the middle of Jojo and Ragnarok, it’s not as much of an emotional gut punch as the first or as funny as the latter. Sam Neill and Julian Dennison are perfect, their scenes together are the reason I enjoyed the film a lot. It’s a well edited and immersive picture, the New Zealand backdrop adds an adventure scope to this already adventurous premise. 
It loses steam in certain spots and gets repetitive, but the action scenes are brilliant and so are some of the dialogue. It’s never really laugh out funny either but I smiled from ear to ear at certain scenes, and to be fair I don’t consider this a traditional comedy. I say it’s a quirky drama, light hearted and full of fun moments in this simple sad story.
I’m excited to check out the rest of his work, as I’m a fan of his acting ability as well. His Hitler is awesome, forget what anyone else says. They clearly don’t know what the word satire means.

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