The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ★★★★★

Return of the Jedi and The Return of the King bring out the most manliest of tears...

An extremely satisfying conclusion to this insanely well detailed and designed trilogy. From what many have said, it stayed faithful to the books while innovating the film medium in numerous ways. 
Sorry Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe, Viggo Mortensen gave THE battle speech. I don’t know, I just dig his voice. It screams honor.
Elijah Wood and Sean Astin are so damn good and are friendship goals. Let’s be real here, Sam was the MVP. I know Frodo carrying the ring is a horrible burden but still. 
Ian McKellen and Billy Boyd work well together and provide much needed humor and hope during the more intense scenes. 
It’s not that far ahead of The Two Towers in my eyes, but its ending just can’t be denied. Obviously finales have the advantage of stealing all the thunder unless you’re Star Wars, but the images are conveyed so beautifully that you remember why you stuck around for two more films in the first place.
Overall I probably do prefer the world of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones because I connect with those characters more, but The Lord of the Rings will always bring immense joy out of me whenever it’s mentioned or shown. 
Looking forward to The Beatles documentary, Mr. Peter Jackson!

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