Moonlight ★★★★

A beautiful film ruminating on identity; the paths we take to discover it and the roads we wind to escape it. Shot exquisitely, light bounces off the whites of eyes and hues of blue and purple augment scenes into expressionist wonder. A film that tells its story through faces; skin, blood, sweat, and the moments where every pent up emotion ephemerally erupts: panic, defiance, anger and reluctance. So much so that I’ll probably eventually need a second viewing to more closely examine what is a much subtler film than I expected. There’s a tinge of disappointment, I guess expected when a film is so highly acclaimed before viewing it, that it wasn’t a little more distinctive in its plot progression, but I realise that isn’t really the way to approach this. It’s a personal film, asking you to examine the faces of characters, process the gears turning in their brain and read the subtleties between the lines in their voice. Quiet, yet the hushed power it emits reverberates through its otherwise subdued vibe. Watch The Off Hours if you fell in love with the third act in the diner.

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