The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

A film that puts you through the scalding blaze of revenge and the cold touch of deadly irons. A study and denouncement of the culture of men, of honor, in the form of a hellish journey towards the death of morality, and whether there is any hope for return from it afterwards. Robert Eggers' camera work is precise and analytic but stunningly calm as it slowly swipes the screen with brutal, terrifically orchestrated violence. Alexander Skarsgård is an indomitable force relentlessly raging through the whole thing. Anya Taylor-Joy is its semblance of hope. The line it walks between ultra-realism and high fantasy takes us on a swirling surrealistic trip, and Eggers has a visual knack to elevate so much of what's happening by framing it in ways that are filled with enough imagetic power to bend your mind around its symbolism. It's pure artistry, pure cinema.

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