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  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    vince vaughn gives a truly chilling performance as the literal personification of the image results found when typing "vince vaughn quotes" into google...

    also lol why is no one mentioning that zahler is jewish? not saying that completely absolves anyone from interrogating his politics but it definitely dispels some of the crazier speculation out there and it's totally bizarre how little the discussion about his films (especially the puppet one!) are framed from this perceptive despite it being stated in…

  • The Longest Nite

    The Longest Nite

    gorgeous, obviously, but shows a real lack of control from To as the admirable bleakness is fairly marred by an incredibly dopey tone that's mostly the result of annoying gags, shitty music, instances of bad sound design/dubbing (even for HK standards), and a real lack of insight into both the exhaustingly confusing triad conflict and Tony Leung's corrupt cop. while i don't mind moral ambiguity i guess, the film is stuck in hard place between making Lau Ching-wan's ""stalker"" character…

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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    "When you watch movies in Britain, the reaction when people hate a movie is … they just politely get up and leave at the end. And when they love a movie … they just politely get up and leave at the end. You can’t tell whether they hated your movie or loved it. But when I was a student, I spent some time traveling in America on an exchange program. One day I went to see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall…

  • Annihilation



    like a charisma vacuum giving itself auto-fellatio for 2 hours.

    Garland's Ex Machina was the film that actually got me back into being passionate about movies again, so needless to say this was bafflingly disappointing. the plants and creatures are cool (though there's only like 10 of them) but otherwise the film looks genuinely milquetoast and bad, kinda like if Stalker or Arrival (why were there even flashbacks in this??) was filtered through the world's most opaque Claritin Clear commercial.…