Anatomy of a Murder ★★★★½

Absolute hypnosis. The rhythm of the line deliveries in every scene is almost magical. Too many examples to choose from—seriously, I could literally pick any moment—but there's an interaction in the final 15 minutes where something the audience already knows is revealed to everyone else in the courtroom and it still manages to come off just as shocking to us as it does to those in the film. That moment works because the nanoseconds in between every word in this thing feel carefully planned and completely intentional. A brief stutter speaks volumes at one point. This attention to detail reels you in and makes it the shortest two hours and forty minutes you'll ever sit through. I'll say it again: hypnotic.

But hey that's just one of many things I love about this film. Fantastic all around. A lawyer who really likes to fish on the side feels like the character Jimmy Stewart was born to play!

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