Green Book

Green Book ★★★

A movie with the goal of appealing to everyone somehow manages to be so damn unlikeable and easy to hate. But somehow it actually worked and got me to not despise it’s corniness. Could it be Mahershala’s amazing performance? Could it be Viggo’s pretty good performance? Could it be the manipulative ass score? (I’m so fed up with this bland ass ‘best picture’ music in all these dramas)

I’m looking at this a lot like how I looked at Love, Simon. Painfully cheesey approach to the subject matter but maybe it should be approached cheesey if we want these types of messages to appeal to bigger audiences? Saw this in the same theatre  in Minnesota that I saw Blackkklansman in and not only were there more people at this one, but there was literally an applause in the end from all the old white ladies behind me. I don’t know, it’s a very surface level and safe approach to the subject but is there really so much wrong with that?  It’s fine if it ain’t your thing, certainly isn’t mine, but it managed to accomplish the two things it set out to do which are:
1. Tackle racism in America in an easy to digest way
2. Get a shit ton of Oscar recognition

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