Soul ★★★★½

Soul is the textbook definition of a one-of-a-kind in that there’s nothing textbook about it. From the look to the music and from the structure to the story itself, everything about this is completely fresh. Like watching a Pixar film for the first time again.

The film starts with high concepts and the “adventure” ends with 30 minutes left. Joe Gardner is both gifted and soo normal. Basically, Pixar started with a concept as broad as purpose and stretched it using as many shapes, colors, textures, and sounds as they could and as a result they made one of the most clever animated films I’ve personally seen.  Very crazy to think a young generation is going to grow up and go “can’t believe we all watched SOUL when we were little...and on Christmas?!?”

I also should note that I’m a part of that “Inside Out is so overrated” group. Because rather than feeling like something cleverly weaving together story, character, and concept, that felt so heavily like “THIS is the concept.” Whereas this clearly started with a character who had a story that was begging to be told and thoughts Pete Doctor NEEDED to put to film, not just an idea they thought would make people cry. It had, dare I say, a soul to it??

Not just one of Pixar’s best in a long time, but one of their greatest.  Can’t believe this exists.

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