The House That Jack Built ★★★★

Hauled ass from the airport to see this and boy am I glad I did. Gonna wait this one out for a star rating just because it’s one of those that’ll morph in terms of quality over time. 
Enjoyed it a lot. It was, embarrassingly, my first Lars Von Trier film and I kiiind of regret it. I know enough about him and his films to recognize his references to his own work in the film but there was definitely some stuff that I would have picked up on a bit easier had I been more familiar with him. Regardless, this shit was entertaining as fuck. A masterfully crafted film overall with quite possibly the best editing of the year. Didn’t like how literal it was and I understand maybe that was the point but ehehehhhhh. Not my thing. I don’t know. I don’t know. One night I’m watching Green Book, the most grandma movie, the next I’m seeing...this. 
This review is so sloppily written and I’m sorry for that, just wanna get the thoughts out while they’re fresh.

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