Us ★★★★

Guys, when the dad is watching baseball, the game is the Giants vs......wait for it...the Minnesota TWINS! 

Anyways, felt smart for that, don’t really fully understand the rest of it and I’m really not sure how I feel about that. The minute people realize they can’t stop thinking/talking about a movie and that it has a somewhat obscure ending that requires some thinking to figure it out, they’ll automatically label it as a masterpiece. This is one of those movies, and while it’s undeniably impressive how many ideas and clues Peele is able to juggle and put together in an original script, the execution was also undeniably pretty sloppy, in my opinion. It’s a film we’re all going to be talking about and theorizing about for years and it’s obnoxiously clear that was it’s goal, but in the process of achieving that it got a little too excited and became a bit of a headache. That’s really only a problem in the last 30 minutes or so. Most of the movie is able to work as an incredibly entertaining and smart film that essentially let’s you choose if you want to pay attention to clues and understand the deeper meaning, or watch a fun and suspenseful horror movie.  In short, I had a good time, it just didn’t stick the landing for me.

Also, I know we aren’t supposed to compare, there are some insanely cool/subtle connections between this and Get Out that I think are totally intentional.

EDIT: Think I figured some of this out, this movie is sick.

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