Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

some stray thoughts and observations:
- as a member if the lgbt+ community i’ve felt so much pressure to like this film and it makes me uncomfortable because the film truly is beautiful but the way it portrays the story is morally so wrong
- armie looks and comes across as way too old for this relationship to be anything but creepy (i’m still not sure how to feel about the age difference in the novel but it never really felt inappropriate to me there. it might be because the novel portrays them much more as friends than lovers?)
- there were so many parts of the book that i felt were missing (including A LOT more time and opportunities for elio and oliver to bond)
- that infrared scene where oliver remembers stuff or something is the WORST and completely ruined the last 20 minutes for me
- regardless, i do firmly believe that timmy deserved to win that oscar because his performance was phenomenal (and stuhlbarg deserved at least a nomination) 
- i can’t really explain it very well but this film has made me feel so sad, anxious, and in some ways even guilty (for liking it as well as not loving it?)

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